Warranty Registration

Enter the specific MODEL of bike being registered.
Enter the specific model YEAR for the bike being registered.
Enter bike's Vehicle Identification Number. (Critical to be entered correctly! Found in paperwork, and on the frame, behind the forks.
Enter the DATE you delivered this bike to the Buyer. MM/DD/YYYY format. (Or click calendar icon and select  ) 
Enter the Buyer's FIRST name. 
Enter the Buyer's LAST name. 
Enter the Buyer's STREET address. 
Enter the Buyer's CITY of residence.
Enter the Buyer's STATE of residence. 
Enter the Buyer's ZIP Code.
 Enter the Buyer's  PHONE number in this +1 xxx-xxx-xxxx format.
Your DEALERSHIP contact email should default here. If not, enter the correct address.
Attach the completed CPD Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist here.