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Introducing the Iconic JT Motocross Goggles "Bones" in collaboration with Viral Brand LLC – a legendary eyewear experience inspired by the 80's trailblazing journeys of motocross icons like Ron Lechien, Marty Smith and Ricky Johnson 5-time SX Champion. Designed for champions, these goggles are a testament to the relentless pursuit of greatness on & off the track.

Key Features:

Wide Field of View: The "Bones" goggles provide an expansive field of view, giving riders a clear and unobstructed vision of the track ahead. Whether navigating tight corners or hitting high-speed straights, you'll have a comprehensive view of the terrain, just like the motocross legends who inspired these goggles.

Quick Change No Fog Lens: Adapt to changing light conditions with ease. The "Bones" goggles feature a quick-change lens system, allowing riders to swap lenses for optimal clarity in various lighting situations effortlessly. Stay focused on the race without missing a beat.

Quick Change Strap: Experience unparalleled convenience with the quick-change strap feature. Customize your look or replace a worn-out strap in seconds, ensuring that your focus remains on the race. Versatility meets performance with this innovative design element.

3 Layer Face Foam with Sweat Mitigation Holes: Comfort is paramount, The "Bones" goggles come equipped with a plush 3-layer face foam, offering a snug fit that seals out dust and debris. The strategically placed sweat mitigation holes keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout the ride.

50mm Strap with Non-Slip Silicone: The "Bones" goggles feature a 50mm strap adorned with non-slip silicone, providing a secure fit that stays in place even during the most demanding rides. Say goodbye to distractions and ride with confidence, knowing your goggles will stay put through every twist and turn.

Embrace the 80's legacy of motocross greatness with the Iconic JT Motocross Goggles "Bones." Crafted for champions, these goggles deliver unrivaled performance, style, and adaptability, just like the legends who inspired them. Dominate the track with confidence, and let the "Bones" goggles be your trusted companion on the journey to motocross glory!

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