Escape X & XR Video Test

Electric Cycle Rider Goes to France

After a series of failed attempts due to illness and self induced travel woes, Tucker Neary finally made the trip from his headquarters in Colorado to visit the Electric Motion headquarters in France. More than an effort to meet the fine people behind the Electric Motion brand, but also to tour their brand new factory, gain insight into upcoming projects they are working on behind closed doors, and most importantly, test ride the highly anticipated Electric Motion Escape X and Escape XR.

"Overall, the Escape XR aligns better with my personal riding style. As someone who enjoys fast single-track and mountain riding rather than hard enduro or trials, the XR feels much more well rounded for my style of riding. Most importantly, the XR’s performance at higher speeds addresses the frustrations I had with the Escape R’s suspension and ergonomics, without ignoring the trials DNA that so largely makes up the characteristics of Electric Motion.

The X and XR are two exciting new bikes in what is quickly becoming my favorite category of eMoto, which I’m calling midweight eMoto.

Looking ahead to 2024, we have plans for a lot more seat time with the XR, so be sure to let us know what specific information you would like to see." - Tucker Neary

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